The Collection

The Collection has been broadly segmented into three categories--Antique Colonial Furniture, Collectable Antiques and Religious Artefacts.

Antique Colonial Furniture
Each piece is unique, and has been lovingly sourced and restored, from primarily four locations in India (Goa / Gujarat / Calcutta and Kerala), from old Palaces, as well as Colonial Mansions across the Country. Each of these pieces is in solid Mahogany, teak, ebony or rosewood, with graceful carvings, as well as inlay work in Brass, Ebony and Ivory. A good example of this would be the solid Mahogany Table, with Ivory Inlay work, that has been sourced from one of the Royal Palaces in Gujarat.

Collectible Antiques
Most of the collectible antiques on sale, are one of a kind heirlooms, that have been individually sourced and collected over a period of 20 years, and are a true representation of India’s Colonial Past (European in nature, with strong local accents). An example being the late Eighteen Century, Angels, sourced from Pondicherry Church, with a look and feel, that is very similar to the Temple Apsara found in South India, in the same period.

Religious Artefacts
Painstakingly sourced from various churches and chapels located at remote parts of India and Sri Lanka, some dating well over 300 years; evicting a deep sense of servitude and prayer derived over the passage of time. 

With our entire collection, be it Colonial Furniture, Collectible Antiques or Religious Artefacts, you would receive a History of the Piece, as well as a 100% buyback certificate, that entitles you to return the piece to us at the end of 3 years, and receive 100% of your purchase price.