Our Philosophy

Our goal is not to make old pieces look new. We believe a piece of antique furniture that has been correctly restored, would convey a sense of its history and charm.

We believe that the best-kept secret of antique furniture restoration is that often, doing less is best.

Sometimes major repair work is unavoidable. In such cases, top-notch repair work must precisely match the existing wood, grains, finishing and parts, so that you can’t tell the old from the new.

As in the field of medicine, we believe a restorer does no harm first.

Most of the pieces that are sourced by us have renewable finishes. Some are clarified and polished. Some are lightly cleaned and renewed. If any finish needs to be to be removed, we ensure that it should be done gently, without removing any of the original surface.

The myth in the restoration business, that continues to circulate, is that restoration reduces the value of a piece.

We believe, that good judgment, combined with antique restoration best practices, will enhance the value and enjoyment of one’s antique colonial furniture.