About Us

Harriet Dias, hailing from Bombay, and of Indian Origin, has been a World Citizen, having lived and worked over the last 15 years in the Middle East and Asia, where she finally put down roots in Singapore.

A qualified Banker, having travelled widely over the last 20 years, and with a keen sense of style, and being a connoisseur of the fine arts, Harriet decided to combine her hobby of collecting priceless antiques, art and antique furniture, with, a desire to showcase her Indian roots, in launching, “Treasures of the Raj”, a collection of Colonial Furniture and Antiques.

“The Raj” loosely defined at the Colonial Period in Indian History (British / Dutch / French / Portuguese) was known for its graceful European furniture with local accents (Goa / Kerala / Calcutta / Gujarat) in solid Mahogany, teak and rosewood.

Given the fast diminishing supply of this quaint, period furniture, and seeing the plethora of copies / fakes passing around,  Harriet has made it her mission to lovingly restore and retail this furniture (sourced from old colonial mansions across the breadth of India) along with other antiques / collectibles of the period at her flagship store in Tanglin Shopping Centre in Singapore.